bil vitrification

Freezing, currently achieved by the process of vitrification of oocytes allows a woman to delay its reproductive capacity as much time as it wishes while maintaining the same opportunities existing at the time of vitrification oocytes, when the woman is fertile . Thanks to the vitrification of their oocytes, women can reach a certain maturity without losing much of their conception capacity.

The vitrification of oocytes is a solidifying process in which the oocytes are treated with cryoprotective substances and are immersed in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of - 196ºC. It is a safe technique that avoids the formation of ice crystals in the oocytes, thus preventing their destruction at the time of thawing, and allows to obtain the same clinical results as with "fresh" oocytes.

Currently, among the vitrification techniques, "Cryotop" proves to be the most innovative technique and provides the best results.





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